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Based on the Italian agriturismo, BVR Farm translates this concept for audiences in Northern California.




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This year we are excited to offer "Garden Day on a Homestead" here at BVR Farm.

Come learn about growing your own food and get hands-on in the garden. Each experience will offer something different as the needs of the plants change throughout the seasons. We will also demonstrate how to preserve fresh produce by either pickling, fermenting, canning, jamming, or other preservation techniques. 

Dates to be announced in the summer....


Come visit our neighbors for this delicious cooking class Matt is teaching offsite. Learn the intricacies of cooking 100% grass fed beef and enjoy lunch including steak that you cook and veggies from our garden. Then head over to Freestone Ranch to tour the land where the cows grazed and meet the ranchers. You'll sip bone broth as the sun begins to set over the rolling grassland hills. We'll send you home with extra cuts of beef to practice what you have learned.

Please contact us for more information on our 2018 offerings.